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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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and Outdoor Water Furnaces has taken the best design in the outdoor wood industry and made it better with our revolutionary new series Proper combustion in an outdoor wood requires heat fuel and oxygen To provide the heat and outdoor water furnaces have incorporated the use of refractory cement and fire brick 2 1/2 inches of stainless- steel fiber

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Customers also rave about the quality of & and their strong reputation in the industry Many customers can save a log truck worth of wood every 2 to 3 years with this brand of Bigger loads can save even more! & is definitely a worth a second look!

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· Coal are EPA Exempt The and coal / biomass stoker can efficiently distribute heat throughout the home / building by using any forced air heat source already installed or add a plate exchanger to connect to an existing indoor The can also be used to produce unlimited domestic hot water

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Strawbale House & OUTDOOR WOOD CENTRAL and Efficient Classic Wood Heat Sustainable Renewable HeatMaster Energy Outdoor Wood Available at Brown City Location Only $747000 Sale Price: $539999 THERMO CONTROL 3555 OUTDOOR · THERMO Nov 19 2015 we would not recommend anyone become a & while the & Outdoor

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We sell & Wood coal and pellet burners Some with automated stoking Energy efficient for residential and commercial properties Showing all 7 results Polar G-Class Call Now (715) 214-6683 Read more; EGR Gasification Series Call Now (715) 214-6683 Read more

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& have been manufactured for over 40 years We continually strive to be the leading innovators in the outdoor business! Our factory is a state of the art facility that employs the latest manufacturing technology including computer controlled robotic welders and

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· Price: Portage & Main Ultimizer BL28-40 Boiler - Shaker Grate Model (wood & coal) $840000