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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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Water Handbook - Preboiler & Industrial Boiler Corrosion

Most industrial and systems are constructed of carbon steel Many have copper alloy and/or stainless and condensers Some have stainless superheater elements Proper treatment of effectively protects against corrosion of economizers and deaerators


It is a known fact that Rubber contributes in environmental in different stages Therefore this paper describes the information about a group of ingredients that causes

Low Pollution Boilers Industry Of Steel

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Corrosion problems during oil and gas production and its

· Corrosion types and associated in the oil and gas The most common form of corrosion in the oil and gas occurs when comes in contact with an aqueous environment and rusts When metal is exposed to a corrosive solution (the electrolyte) the metal atoms at the anode site lose electrons and these electrons are

How to Control Pollution in Iron and Steel Industry?

The risk of water from depends to a large extent on water management plan adopted The can be of the following kinds viz: (i) Thermal (increase in the temperature of water used) (ii) Suspended matter (including oil and tar) (iii)

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2020-12-1 · Dissolved Organic Matter in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Blow-Down Water Energy & Fuels 2013 27 (7) Environmental Science and Research 2018 25 (31) 31486-31496 Seasonal variations of NOM composition and their reactivity in a humic water Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 2014 33 (3) Learn More