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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


water tube steam boiler

The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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· is Moreover your CO2 savings could reach above 1900kg per year meaning your home will be more environmentally friendly too

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· Because fiberglass can be controversial for its environmental and health risks you may consider alternatives In terms of insulation start with soy-based materials insulation is fire-resistant and completely renewable In fact insulation was used to protect Fort Belvoir Army Base

Environmentally Friendly UK Insulation Products

Now there are many - products made from natural and recyclable materials available on the market today but probably the most popular (and for a reason) one is natural UK sheep wool Namely it has all the advantages of rock wool but is more

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needed to replace their existing coal-fired with new This option may prove more cost-efficient than adding expensive air pollution equipment to that average over 50 years of age It has been reported that the

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Natural Fibre Products Thermal and acoustic made using natural materials for walls and lofts Unlike many conventional alternatives natural insulations have a lower embodied energy They are fully disposable/recyclable at the end of their life

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It is good news that many people across the world are becoming more -conscious Being more will not only help you contribute to a sustainable but it can even save you money Here are ten ways to improve the mechanical and electrical engineering of your home and make it a more place Get serious [ ]


are experts in Heating and Cooling Repairs emergency repairs service and installation indoor Air Quality Duct work design Repairs and installation Air duct cleaning mold remediation & removal with high indoor air quality in mind and a Green approach Heating and Cooling provides Affordable reliable service from a company you can trust we

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· Benefits Safe and Sustainable Materials Natural formaldehyde-free materials make products the best choice for a green and healthy home Unlike fiberglass insulation materials like wool and cotton are safe to handle and cause no irritation to the skin or respiratory tract

A Different Perspective: Going Green with Alternative Fuel

needed to replace their existing coal-fired with new This option may prove more cost-efficient than adding expensive air pollution equipment to that average over 50 years of age It has been reported that the

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- options are just a matter of creativity and ingenuity so which one will you choose? Tweet pictures of your project to @TomsofMaine Image sources: Flickr | Flickr This article was brought to you by Toms of Maine The views and opinions

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Using repurposed materials such as pallet wood not only looks good--its also more Build Using the Actual Earth There are several types of - tiny houses but the most popular is the hobbit house These tiny homes come from Nordic heritage and

Eco-Friendly Insulation - 7 Best Types of Eco-Insulation

· Eco-friendly insulation is Eco friendly insulation will reduce your need for heating when its cold and help to keep your home cooler in the warm weather There are four main areas that need to be ticked for eco-friendly insulation:

5 Ways To Get Your Boiler Helping the Environment

The main thing to be aware of is that the older a is the less efficient it will be Generally its worth replacing your at least every ten years to ensure both reliability and energy efficiency A new whatever the type will be both more - and offer better performance overall

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- Making your home more energy efficient means doing your bit for the Replacing your or fitting helps to cut household and fossil fuel emissions having a positive impact on -systems and your bank balance

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Electric While cheap to install electricity is more expensive than both gas and oil to run This type of is more suitable for small spaces Solid fuel These use fuels such as pellets coal and wood They're considered more

Home Insulation: Eco-Friendly Insulation Materials

There are also several - materials available such as blown cellulose and sheeps wool If youre looking for a quick fix to rising energy bills reducing carbon emissions or to simply make your home that little bit cosier is the answer *Sourced from the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE)

Green Heat: What is a "green boiler" and why do I need one?

· According to conventional wisdom should be replaced every ten to fifteen years If that much time has elapsed since your was last changed theres never been a better time to upgrade This is because the efficiency rating system changed in 2009 replacing letter grades with a more precise percentage rating Considering your [ ]

What's the best insulation material to use in eco renovation?

The net climatic effect of building is the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy used in manufacturing (its embodied energy) plus the leakage into the atmosphere during use of any (halocarbon: significant or pentane less so) expanding agents that have a greenhouse effect minus the emissions saved due to

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Polite office staff helped arrange an initial survey within a couple of days The surveyor was professional and thorough and recommended the most beneficial energy efficiency saving improvements they could make The following week we had underfloor and a new installed by workmen who were very quick and tidy

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products from Contribution to the AIR FLAKE is sustainable made from recycled materials that contain used plastic bottles